Rest In Peace!

Life, takes you through a paradox. The looming conflict, between heart and mind. A shift in the perspective, when moments become part of the journey, this side of time. I didn’t, used to count the stars, that was then, but this is when. My heart, needs to see you in it. Every twinkle in my eyes, holds my love and gaze. Why hold my breath, for my heart would surely know; it doesn’t mean death. Only time, to close my eyes, to let my soul go home. In my peace, I know how love rest, with the keeper of the stars. In my heart, the love I know, will never die. When, her love was birthed, I cried. Laughed, her joy was given for me to hold. Her love came to be, and I was the first to hold it. The breadth of her love, my soul heard still whisper. And since, forever and a day; the love has been held, so close to my heart. She was everything, her heart sent here to be, an angel in disguise. For a time, for a season, love the reason. But now, a piece of my heart, has found the wind, my breath has been taken. So, why wouldn’t time stand still, to let me chase after my heart? The missing peace, leaves you grasping at reality. A beauty butterfly, with wings spread wide, is flying free. In the heavens, within my loving gaze. I awaken, having to pinch myself. Is it real, is it just a dream. To find there’s a heaviness, resting on your heart!

Thoughts fade away, but moments lives on, in your heart. Don’t let it go, heart; hold on to the memories. Even though, the heaviness weighs my heart, the love will rest forever. Even, with the weight of the world, on my shoulders. The feeling, I can bare. It’s my feelings, I want right there, to remind me, you’re still on my heart. I don’t need, to indulge in unhealthy substances, that can’t ease the pain. Undeniable love, with profound context, what numbs the weight, but the love still breathless. Time spent, searching my heart for words, will never be wasted. Even though, time moves on, my heart will breathe easy knowing, time is irrelevant. My love, will forever move in and throughout time, arrested in beats per minute. When I rest my hope, I don’t have to lie awake in my dreams. To know, everywhere I go, traveling through time. An empty space in my heart, will never change the gravity, in my reality. Physicality, neither here nor there, when consequential the presence of love, lingering within my breath. The best thing, love happens to be? Knocking on heaven’s door, love comes to visit you, in your grief. My heart, doesn’t have to fear tomorrow. I will for ever and ever, keep the undying love, pressed up against my heart. In the moments shared, in the sights I see, with the stories told. Everywhere I go, her love will be there, with me. It doesn’t matter, if after years, the weight is still deeply crushing. That only means, the love is alive. And some day, when my soul, can no longer bare the weight. When time has run its course, my love story has reached the end. That is then, and this is when. I will be able to Rest In Peace, with you, baby girl!


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