Second Cup!

So many hearts, look forward to that Second cup. For me and my buds, the taste would never be, a double double in my cup. Love, what butter’s my bread, and sugar’s my tea. Love has an effect, the nuance subjective. Love, put words in your mouth, will leave an impression on the heart. Love, will never move a heart, if just careless whispers. The heart, what opens up the conversation, to confide with the soul. Love, shouldn’t be a question, it’s meant to inspire, be an influence. Love’s never shaken, love is always enriched, poured with a creamy texture, the sweetness stir-in. Love has an aroma, filling the air like incense. When the love fills you up, it soothes misty blues. More than a feeling, when the warmth is felt. Love-in the moment, bliss in the encounter. When the love overflows, your cup is full. Time for it to become, a second cup. Get your portion, let your heart kick back, let your soul unwind. A long with the birds chirping, feeling the cool breeze blowing, your heart is swaying. Playing in the background, a smooth 80’s throw back. Tell it to your heart, I’m not the only one, who enjoys a second cup. Whenever, the beat… in your heart moves you, be swayed to say; it’s going to be a glorious day, clouds don’t matter. Contentment, doesn’t need you, to add-in context, for the heart be fulfilled, truly. Sometimes, invite friends over, to enjoy each other’s heart. A second cup, that’s everyone’s portion. With every encounter, love becomes the muse. In the fulfillment, love is the reason, in every season. When love truly resonates, it lingers. With just a smile, love captures the heart. To get the mojo going, some hearts require the java upload. Half way up, still half way down. And if, the love can’t be contained? Tell the world, shh, don’t interrupt, when the love is pouring… out!

Bonus piece below:

Dear Sweetness!

My sweetness, before the love became, my soul was so bitter. But now, it seems I can’t do without you, this love is sweet. Won’t you, continue to pour out your sweetness in me. I promise, to receive your love. In my heart and soul, you’re my desire. Your sweet love, it’s such a blessing. Double double, your sweetness is needed, not once, not twice; but three times, it seems lately. Get enough, love is subjective. Stir it up, for the sweetest love, could never be a heart, into love that’s sugar free. Don’t, let my faith in love be shaken, stirred forevermore. Sweet love, brings so much to the table. For my, my, my, heart and soul. There’s nothing, Equal to you, you’re Splenda, in every way. True love fills you up, dips Sweet and Low. So bitterness, no longer becomes. This love, just right for me, you’re sweet like that. Thirty four years, my heart has been enjoying love’s sweetest moments. Just a spoonful of love, enough to help sweeten my soul. Sugar, your love is, will forever be; just right… for me!

Yours truly, Coffee; Black!

I don’t drink coffee, never have. This one, this share, for all the coffee lovers. Cheers, to the fulfillment!

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