Her Love!

Let my heart, tell of her beauty; the glow captures, her radiance moves, with every glimpse. Her heart, has a mystique, reflections of an angelic hue. The power of her love, holds your gaze. She gave me her love, so, why wouldn’t I reciprocate, trust her with my heart. My soul is serene, in the arms of her love. Her beauty, the love inside of her. Her strength, every breath she takes. Her worth, a jewel dancing in plain sight, the muse in my peripheral. My summertime contemplation, how will my heart, get to appreciate the fragrance of her love. Her quintessence, a painted depiction. Her heart, a mosaic work of art. Her love, shapes my heart, into a lovely texture. Vividly, her love a portrayal, captured in the most beautiful expression. Every brush with my soul, her love, making my heart become a display, how her love paints my life. Her love, tells a compelling story. Every chapter, etching the breadth. Her lyrical love, sings like a ballad. A love song, the words written, left on the pages of my heart. Her imperfect ways, the way my heart knows. Perfect love, a masterpiece won’t be created, if the flaws are not embraced. Her love is, royalty, why I crown her heart, with my love. From the moment, her love rested on my heart. Two hearts, with one heartbeat. Slow waltzing into, the wee hours of forever. The magic, the moments, casting an illustrative allure!

Her love, talks in my sleep, the secrets of her heart whispered, for my soul to keep. Her heart, quietly speaks, her soul soft spoken. Her love, leaving a profound effect, in my deepest dreams. Though, the heart creates moments, love what makes it become our reality. Love decorated, beautified my life, now a wonderful part of my world. My house, not a home, true love made it complete. A chair, just a chair for one. Her heart, transformed a home, with a loveseat. When, I wore a younger man’s shoes, love walked into my heart. A love, too beautiful for words, imparts the deepest truths. Love of a lifetime, love of a royal decent, a heart you crown with your love. Sweet sixteen, the first moment. My heart, celebrated the birth of her love. Two teens, our hearts dancing, to an 80’s slow jam; “you are my lady, you’re everything I need.” Thirty plus years, through the lens of my heart. Her love, sweet sixteen again, and again. Her heart, hasn’t aged a day, but yet the love, grows more profound. My sweetest days, seeing when her love smiles, at me. Her heart, her soul, her love; my treasured gift, sent from heaven!

Happy birthday, to my beloved!


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