The Impossibility!

So many words have tried, the seemingly impossible task. Tried to come between, my love, and my heart. But, to no avail, thus they have come to realize, it’s impossible. Their futile aim, leads down an aimless path. The road to their inevitability, undoable led to an impossibility. Like, a melody sweetly holding me, my heart slow dances, with my endless love. Just like, how it’s impossible to separate, the sea from my sure. When love has become, the depth in what you see. It’s not possible, to stop the stars from shining, the night teaching the moonlight, how to take your breath. There’s a gravity, to my reality; when, my soul touches the stars, it’s love taking me there, see a glimpse into heaven. It’s out of the question, it’s not worth considering. Don’t ever asking my heart, to turn my back, on love. Therein lies the reason, love has already done the unthinkable, the unachievable, the unimaginable, the inconceivable; love, made my heart a believer. When the soul is pricked, the ink bleeds, love spills on the paper. Making it impossible, for my heart to separate. What came from my soul, or the words penned, dripping from the love within. When you’re drowning, but yet; that’s how you learn how to live breathless. It’s impossible, to fathom an ocean. But, the heart of a deep river, can come to know the breadth. When love is the reason, the Impossibilities, are attainable!


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