When Words, Are Not Enough!

Even if, I can speak with the voice of an angel. My words, in of itself would not be enough. If my speech, wasn’t uplifting, didn’t inspire. If, my heart wrote with eloquence, but every time the ink bleeds. When pen touches paper, would the words resonate, a nuanced glow, a divine presence? Love, not read to be moved, but to seek the meaning of love, to be inspired… by The Word. A heart, not meant to be a pen, trying to leave its mark. Pointed thoughts, without the love flowing, a tainted perspective. Love will never be, words passing in the night. Pretty words, with a poetic flow, rudderless words, if not anchored by the essence. Love’s true excellence, the meaning felt. When it’s love in action, not words acting, but an authentic heart revealed. The love, permeating throughout every word. Love, enlightens the words, illuminates the heart, lights up the conversation. Words can influence, but won’t change one mind, if the truth doesn’t emanate. Words by itself, not enough to profoundly change, an indifferent heart. When, a heart is influential, it’s love engaging, and the words provoking. Words have power, the spoken word, telling a powerful tale; what’s in your heart? Whenever the heart, find itself lost in the dark. Words won’t be enough, if in it love is not the lighthouse. The reason why, words in love, radiates the brightest, even in the darkest moments!


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