My Quiet Place!

My silent river, speaks. When love calls, I leave my comfort zone. To engage, to encounter, to encourage. With compassion, with passion, with delight, I relish the engagement. Let my heart be, let resiliency persuade. Being in the moment, giving in love your all. The heart says, what words alone won’t convey, love holds my attention. For when, the moment has served its due diligence. My heartbeat, returns to its resting place; fifty three, beats per minute. To relinquish my thoughts, I take my heart, to my quiet place. Not to withdraw, but make ready my heart. Being engaged, genuine love, comes from the willingness, to give of yourself. When my, love gets weary, from battling the day. I take a step back, into the quietness. To rest my heart, center my soul, gain a new perspective. So, I’m never taken back, by what love demands of you, be a faithful heart. No one, can ever take, the love freely given. True love, has a quiet beauty, a distinguishable fragrance. To be seen, for your heart be heard; the love has to be, intentional. Trying to do, what love requires of your heart; being resolute, the love absolute. For me, and my heart; when it’s said and done. I retreat, to my secret place. To replenish, fill up my heart and soul, with what every encounter requires, love unconditional!


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