Hold On, to Me!

If the darkness is overwhelming, and your heart is afraid. Reach out your heart, hold on to my love. When the water won’t recede, and the waves of emotion, are crashing against your faith. When your heart, feels like you’re suffocating. Don’t let go, don’t ever stop believing. My heart, will be an anchor, hold on to me. When your heart is on fire, and your love can’t breathe. My heart, will walk through the fire, to show you. Beauty, can come out of the ashes. I will help you, spread your wings, and rise like a eagle. If you’re feeling lost, and your hope can’t be found. My love, will come find you, and take you by the heart. If the walls are closing in, and you can’t escape your fears. My heart, will be a shelter waiting, with an open door. Run into warmth, of my love. If your heart is broken, and your peace seems scattered. My love will be there, to help pick up the pieces. When the burdens, are weighing on your heart. My love, will help bear the weight, lean on me. Whenever, you feel all alone, feel like your heart is drowning, in hopelessness. Hold on to me, there is, a lifeline!


17 thoughts on “Hold On, to Me!

  1. Jesus’ Love is a Mighty Strong tower where we can run and find safety in times of trouble 💕 The name of the LORD is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe. (Prov 18:10) Thanks Warren

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