The Relentless Chase!

How, can a heart truly explain, a chase unexplainable? Breathless, the chase leaves the soul panting, needing, trying, waiting, to exhale, catch your breath. Ready, set, go, oh; the chase, endless. Words, don’t escape my heart, can’t evade my thoughts. Even when, my soul hid in a deep river. In the silence, I held my breath, but my heart, gave me away. Every day, the moment I woke; the relentless pursuit, to take another breath. In the deepest water, there’s an ocean. Seeking to attain, with no refrain; what the chase became. And even when, I gave what I was willing. My heart, couldn’t understand, why; the chase, wasn’t over? So, my heart kept racing, love kept chasing. The breadth was felt, the chase revealed; true love, requires your whole heart. For nothing to be missing, nothing to be broken!

Even, when I laid my heart down, my soul resting in a quiet place. In the stillness, my heart couldn’t resist the persistent charm, of love’s endearing presence, hovering in the shadows. What’s a heart to do, when love quickens your spirit, awakens your heart, finds you in your dreams? You wake up, chase after words, take every thought captive. Before they get lost, or drift off, into another day’s-dream. Heartfelt expressions of love, can never hidden behind, love’s transparent veil. Love, I see You, chasing away my fears, with the morning light. I feel you breathing, in the fire inside. Hear you whispering, my heart will become yours. I see you moving, to catch the falling tears, the love saying; I got you. In every moment, in every season; I feel the love, chasing. Distance, overcomes the miles. Moving me, closer to the inevitability. With every breath, I Am; my love becoming Able, a soul offered up, in reverence. In the giving, the taking; the surrender. In the darkest nights, a heart exposed, bares love’s eternal flame. Everything, is changing now, the chase a man, after Your heart. A heart yearning, can never evade, love’s relentless chase. For, it leaves the heart and soul, breathless!


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