The Air I breathe!

Life, I lived it for years, deep in my silent river, thinking; I was learning to breathe. Not knowing, I wasn’t learning how to be, still. To walk, you first have to learn how to crawl, so you can know how to stand, in the stillness. To be, easy when your heart, knows what gives it breadth, and what lets your soul breathe. Our soul live days, our heart has moments, our being has a purpose. I can live without dreams, but can’t survive without hope, in my heart. There’s no night, there’s no morning; for me there’s nothing. Without love, being at the center, of every waking breath. The thrill of the chase, what life will become. Would never afford my heart much, without the pursuit being, breathing love’s substantive truth. My soul, could indulge in life’s endless pleasures. But indulgences would never fulfill, the longing of my heart. The love my soul needs, not found in things, but in meaning. Knowing the unadulterated warmth, of love’s embrace. A heart, wasn’t meant to live in the shallow. My soul, was meant to search the deep, fathom love’s deepest breadth. The sun, the moon, the stars, might seem out of reach. But, it’s the beauty within, that captures the imagination, touches the heart, gives the breathless wonder. If my heart, became empty, of love’s wondrous care, how would my soul fare? Love, should become every heartbeat, be everything held dear. My heart, could live without many things. But my soul, could never live a minute, without; the air I breathe… love divine!


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