I Am Invested!

The breath in me, my devotion needs to be, love’s breadth indeed. Time, gives way to the moment. A heart invested, with mutual understanding. Over time, love reciprocated true, compounds the interest. Love given, affords the soul, leaves treasured moments. True love, won’t withhold, will never withdraw. Will withstand the test, time after time. Time spent, hearts enjoying the fruits of your labor. Love takes risk, but doesn’t gamble, with your heart. Love is a worthwhile investment, that can’t be bought or sold. Love is, a priceless commodity, not possession, but a meaningful acquisition. Even, if you have just a little, be wholeheartedly invested. Withholding nothing, what will make a significant impact. Love surrendered, has tremendous value. Love endows, love provide, love is a wonderful attribute, worth investing. A heartfelt sacrifice, never becomes a meaningless forfeiture. Love is an asset, a profound expenditure; time, and energy. Whatever you put in, the time invested; yields a profitable return. Every heart, with a stake in the outcome, shares in the endless love. Growth, cannot be calculated, but love’s increase will be. Future gains, provision and freedom. The blessing released, peace increased, fear decreased. Hope for tomorrow, what becomes your portion. Love’s portfolio, heart and soul positioned, with a range of creative investments. Love truly invested, bears limitless potentials. For you, for my family, the well-being of humanity. Why, with love; I Am Invested!


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