Fly high, let your soul soar, beyond limitations, above what confines. Spread your wings, glide like an eagle. Your heart, was meant to be free. And if, doubt flies in the face of enlightened contemplation, never give up. Concede, no never, pursue your dreams with vigor. Every day, let your heart, soar higher than ever before. Let every breath, be more profound than expected. High octane faith sustain, untainted hope attains. Love maintains, the passion your heart’s willing retain. Air time, hang time, fly like a superstar. Chart the course, but faithfully follow the path. You don’t need an airplane, to be a frequent flyer, in my thoughts, or be super-fly, to have a special place, in my heart. So, don’t just say you can, know you will… succeed. Dreams are realized, when a heart stops out, of its comfort zone. You don’t have to be scared, flying solo, you got this. Along the journey of life, love will be the navigator, prayer the most trusted wingman. A heart, reaches the destiny, when it arrives, at the predestined destination. A heart, with big dreams, aims for the stars, not others expectations. Love, spans the open skies, an open heart expanding. Maneuvering the soul within, the breadth that empowers!

This post is for anyone, looking to spread your wings, expand your heart, and soar into a new horizon! Today, I dropped my youngest off at the airport, on his way to Japan! Granted that he’s 28, he’s never been away from home, for more than a few weeks. He’s going there for at least 6 months, to finish the next phase, of becoming a international teacher!


12 thoughts on “Fly!

  1. “Along the journey of life, love will be the navigator, prayer the most trusted wingman.” My prayers are for your son’s success and safety, and that God will grant you peace to rest in his plan for your son’s life💕

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