The Character, Within!

Growing up, my words stuttered, but with a love story tethered, my soul now flutters. Sometimes in life, our perspective needs to be realigned. And from time to time, perception repositioned. Love persona, not about having the right posture, but the character, be in alignment. Some have said, I am a character. My love language is simple, have a noticeably different characteristic. I’m not ashamed to say, my heart, is set apart. My mind, my body, my soul, my love; the usual suspects. To make sure my character, doesn’t break from the norm. What’s on the menu, serve with a faithful love. That’s not easily scrambled, that won’t waffle. Real love, meant to be fulfilling, not easily disregarded, or discarded. A soul, showing a good character, is a heart on display. A hundred and forty characters, never enough, to express the depth therein. A heart expressive, doesn’t rely on words to move, but strength that proves, the character is true. When, love decides to be profound, it’s one hundred percent of the time. Education is important, understanding vital, but character quintessential; the love reflective. Talent, only takes you to a point. Perseverance, what navigates the pitfalls. The love you give, will exhibit a life well lived. What reflects the character, what pulls the strings, within a heart. Character, doesn’t wrestle, trying to always give love. It’s the heart, that wrestles with being, love… always!


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