Tell Fear, Not Today!

Tell fear, today; you won’t stomp on my hopes, trample my dreams. You won’t cloud my vision, make me lose sight of a heart, with so much love to give. You will no longer, have unfettered access, to my soul. I won’t believe the lie, the faith I have, is just an illusion. Tell fear today, you’re going to lose your grip, I’m taking back my worth. You come for my breath, but my heart won’t be arrested. No, not today, I won’t be a victim, to unfounded fears. We’ve all faced, fears persistent hover. But when love covers, the darkest moments, have no power. Through every darkened valley, there’s a new perspective. The way, you get to the other side, is to go through. What I did yesterday, irrelevant; to what my heart learns today, what my soul becomes tomorrow. Doubts are cast away, with an enlightened existence. When fear comes, trying to steal your joy, upend your hope, eclipse your dreams. Write the telltale sign, on every page of your heart; fear, not today. My soul won’t be deceived, by a passing emotion. When the darkness, tries to do what it does? Tell those shadows, you don’t fear reflections, of what was; you’re not that person, anymore. This is, a new-found confidence, my validation. That every tomorrow will bring, a new enlightenment, to a heart shining brighter, than what the past reflects. Fear can never overwhelm, a fearless spirit. Knowing it can blind fearfulness, with an incandescent soul. A heart, glowing brightly, self-confidence shimmering fiercely. Give fear the one, two combo; hope and faith. When it comes, to whisper doubt into your soul. Fear will surely get the message, your heart’s not having it; Not Today, or ever again!


11 thoughts on “Tell Fear, Not Today!

  1. Satan rules his kingdom with fear. Fear distorts the truth and paralyzes. Love casts out all fear. Fear leave in Jesus name! I invite faith in God, the love of God, and the light and live of Jesus to occupy the space inside me where fear once was.

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