The Light, In The Candle!

There’s a light, in the darkness, an illuminating presence, a guiding light, enlightening the moment. With every step, the path becomes clear. Love, the continuous light, in the darkest times. When the night comes, when the twilight howls, within the wind. Faith, that doesn’t flicker, lets the heart always see, hope is never lost. Love is the lighthouse, the candle in the window, the light in an open heart. Silencing the fear, giving peace to your soul. To become the truth, when lies are speaking, be the calm, when the sea is raging. Be the voice, when the heart is lost for words. When the days are cold, love will warm the heart, captivate the soul, capture the imagination. Though, the light may be dim, when the heart of many, have waxed cold. Light it up, so love won’t be hard to see. When love is enlightened, the heart reveals, a flame burning bright. The light of love, lighting up the darkness, shining for the world to see. That there’s a heart, being the light, in the candle!


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