This I Promise!

If the vision, becomes unclear, through all the tears? This I promise, my love will be there, by your side. When your heart is hurting, here is where you belong; in my arms, and in my heart… forever. Your heart, will never need to hide, behind a painted smile. The portrait of love I see, will never fade, what my heart knows. Your love, is an angelic portrayal, of a Nubian Queen. No one, will ever know the beautiful place, reserved for your love. Where, I promised to have, and to hold, you within my soul. The roses are red, violet never sing the blues, and the love, takes your breath away. This I promise, forever will endlessly echo our love, until the end of time. How, can a heart keep from singing, when Always, becomes the love ballad. Many battles we’ve faced, two hearts as one, how in a lifetime the trust becomes, one heartbeat. The secret, in realizing a special love, lies within the truth of knowing, love’s intrinsic providence. When, love knows your name, the heart is given the words, the most beautiful heartfelt expressions. I promise you never, will I remiss, being the love you need. I don’t, believe in fairy tales, I believe in you and me. When, love is an endless tale, written on two hearts? Always and forever, will be the unbroken vow!


13 thoughts on “This I Promise!

  1. Wow! Your words cried true-love like a fairytale story in my books. So much feels that can capture the depth of any soul! Blessings to you for a happy ending soon!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🤗

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