Becoming, the displayed reflection. What’s sometimes seen, may not always tell the story. Even, if the picture, is worth a thousand words. Love, with a thousand reflections, won’t convey the true essence. A one sided reflection, a mirror of glass, with an imagery, never reflecting the vulnerability. A flawed portrayal, doesn’t mean, not still a masterpiece, created to reflect. Broken, doesn’t mean a mirror can’t create, a true reflection. Seeing, can sometimes be deceiving, if believing, isn’t in the perceiving. Reflections within a mirror, formation of the outward. Not a revelation of truth, what you’re becoming. The surface reveals, light is reflective. Objects in a mirror, closer than they appear, but not apparent, if the blind spot is marginalized. Water reflects, tears mirror, the heart feels. Becoming, not about mirroring, but reflecting. Perspective, through the lens of love. A beautiful reflection of, becoming, an endearing display of, love’s tapestry!


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