Forever Echoes!

Forever, speaks to me. Since, the dawn of my time, an echo has always resonated. What it was, what the encounter will become? My soul, captured within the depth. My heart, captivated by the breadth, at the edge of time. Forevermore, echoes in the here, the now. A heart and soul learning, how to become one, with forever. The melody, the resounding harmony. My heart, tries to make sense, but my soul chimes in. Forever, will never be enough, to show how deep the love. The still whispers, echoes resoundingly; forever will become, my everything. And my heart, won’t want to leave that place, my soul will forever be in this space. Forever will be, my endless love. For ever and ever, what makes love ring true. Forever, will never be enough, for my heart to show, how deep the love, has become. In the stillness, where earnestly, my soul learned how to echo. Forever, filled up the space. Forever, spoke to me, and waited to see, if my heart was listening? If the response would be, my heart echoing the words; I will love You, forever. When, I’m standing at the end of time. My heart will know, my soul has been in the most beautiful place. In the presence of, heaven. Where, forever became, my heart. There’s no place more breathtaking, than forever. And now my soul, won’t ever want to leave this place; Captivated!


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