Becoming Unshakable!

Crawl, walk, run, how the heart becomes unstoppable. Even, if you stumble, if you happen to fall, be unshakable. If you need to crawl, do it with might, if it encourages you to stand up. Until, your faith can walk, in freedom. The strength to run, found in the pursuit of your destiny. Becoming, a heart never too old, to take baby steps. Momentum, will never exist, until allowed to become. Fear is not your future, love is. The steps we take, about progressing. Even if, along the way you become winded, take a deep breath. Let your heart race, so your soul can become, enlightened. Life is not a sprint, it’s a marathon, with hurdles. On the wings of love, how a soul soars, to new heights, to know the breadth. Harsh winters, gives way to a new spring, in your step. And if, your heart is tripping, over someone else’s opinion? Note it, as a stumble, that won’t eclipse your trajectory. If, you don’t believe it, your heart won’t fall for it; their negativity. A heart is deceived, by words received. Their belief, will only become feelings, if taken to heart. As a mind thinketh, a heart becomes. Dust off your soul, lace up your heart, gird your worth, and love the place you’re at. It’s another opportunity, to take baby steps. This too shall pass, crawl, walk, run; you’re becoming. Tears, don’t mean you’re losing. When the rain drops, bottle the emotions, and let it become, your refreshing spring of water, hydrating your revelation. Every season, comes with change; the beautiful exchange. Your heart and soul becoming, unshakable!


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