Between the Breadth!

Slipping in and out, between the deepest breadth, my soul awakes. To find love, resting gently on my heart. Trying, to catch the breadth, my soul gasps. There’s nothing, a heart can do, when love takes your breath. In the tranquility, within the stillness. In the silence, in my sleep, love breathes in my heart. Words, are never needed, my soul can feel the subtle whisper. Love’s breathless presence, leaves my heart in awe, speechless. Before, my soul catches a glimpse, my heart drifts off again. Sweet dreams, are made of this, love singing to you, the sweetest lullaby. In between my every breath, love speaks softly, to my restlessness; be still, and know. With, my soul at ease, my heart sets sail, destined for another daydream. A soul at rest, encounters love’s deepest awakening. Between the breadth, breath is taken, breathing becomes, enlightened. What’s, a soul to do, when at night you awaken; to once again find love, resting quietly, on your heart?


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