The Reflective Light!

The moon, pales in comparison, to a radiant light. The sun would surely be envious, if it knew a light, that can shine day and night. The stars would be in awe, if it caught a glimpse of a light, that can reflect endlessly. There’s a beautiful light, that lingers in the breadth. The untold artistry, paints a vivid reflection. A resilient portrait, nuanced by the light of the creator. Roses are red, violets are true, a reflection of. We all have it, at the very least know how, to show it. The guiding light, showing the path, the light within, what brightens the journey. What, is this illuminating light, the Love, within the heart. It doesn’t throw shade, won’t cast a disparaging light. A heart and soul, enlightened by the love within, emit a reflective light. Love’s true light, sends forth a glow, leaves the heart glowing. A light, with a dim reflection, a heart displaying, a love inhibited, by a bit of indifference. A reflective light, retreats into the afterglow, to illuminate the darkness. Brings clarity, when seen in its true light, shines for the world to see. A heart, with a transparent lantern, a soul beaming beautifully. A heart in a good place, could never be hidden, for it emanates, light. Light your candle, light up the world, with the love within, your Reflective Light!


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