Here, Now!

Eagles soar to heights, birds dance with the sky, love chases butterflies. Wind blows, nature glows, beauty sways, breath takes, love gives. Time revolves, humanity evolves, today exist, tomorrow becomes; time, in a different space. Counterintuitively, the heart races, the imagination runs wild. The soul pondering, maybe, just maybe; time would stop for a minute, to catch a breath. Days are short, nights are long, life’s but a breath, through the sands of time. Love has breadth, a heart has depth. Truth is told, breath we hold, love is bold, lies are sold. Somewhere, between here and now; moments are found, true meaning revealed. Some things can, make no sense, but love makes amends; in the here, the now. Love is the song, echoing in the madness. Letting hearts know, hope is worth pursuing, dreams worth chasing. When, we allow our spirit to breathe, faith doesn’t get distracted. Faith, makes what may seem impossible, absolutely possible. The only way, to get to the other side of life, is to go through, what the heart needs to overcome. A life well lived, fulfilled with your gaze fixed, one day at a time. Love, resides in the chaos, it’s the calm, when your see is raging. When, love blows your mind, be still, to hear love whisper, in the stillness. Like the wind, let love have its way with your heart, and soul; here, now!


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