Dreams Becoming!

She shipped away, my arms can’t hold her. She slipped out of sight, my eyes can’t see her. Pieces of her heart, slipped through the cracks. Time with her, slipped away forever. Walking her down the aisle, a hope that will never be. Getting to say I love you, one more time, slipped my lips, but won’t slip past my heart. Baby girl, you don’t, have to worry about a thing; my heart, is in a better place. She slipped away, but my heart, holds her love… close. She had dreams, for her we hoped, but one day, they slipped away. So therefore, my love will be the display, her dreams will live, through me!

MLK, had a dream, that one day; his hopes, would be realized, in living color. That every heart one day, the dream would be revealed, for history to reflect. We all have hopes, that one day; our dreams will be. Not in black and white, but in full HD (Human Decency), not through a tainted lens. We want to be heard, but do we truly stop to listen? Love, has a distinct sound, why every day; we need to give ourselves a heart check, one, two. Agree to disagree, a reflection of our humanity. Love’s heartfelt quality, sound like; hearts in harmony. What’s said, what needs to be believed. The ears receives, but the heart interprets. Without a vision, hopes perish. Without faith, dreams are squandered. Don’t, stomp on someone’s dreams, because you can’t see their vision. Even though, hopes die, dreams can live on. Dreams becoming, history revealing; what comes to be, through a vision of love!


23 thoughts on “Dreams Becoming!

      1. Thanks so much for sharing this!! May God continue to hold you, Warren, and may he continue to comfort you and your wife until you behold her beautiful face once again in heaven💕

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  1. Alright for the soundcheck of the heart Warren. Yes, your baby girl will live through you my friend. 🙏🏼 I love this: “Love, has a distinct sound, why every day; we need to give ourselves a heart check, one, two.” 🥰💖🤗 Thank you for these words of reflection and inspiration. 🤜🏼🤛🏼

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  2. Beautiful tribute to a beautiful young lady who lived and continues to live within you and others that she blessed with her time on this journey. She has gone ahead and we will see her again soon. Bless you. Comfort and strength. 🙏🏾💗

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