Mama Africa!

Mama Africa’s lamp, a light that won’t be extinguished, it vanquishes the darkness. Her tapestry, woven into generations, the fabric tethered within a crimson yearning. Her beauty, displays her intrinsic nature. The breadth of her love, reaches, teaches, preaches, beseeches; live in freedom. Her history, transcends space, eclipses place, defines race; love giving chase. Political boundaries, measured in distance, not in the journey, and the lived experience. Beautiful are the feet, the heart’s willing to walk a mile. Her heartbeat, heard around the world, beating strong; valiantly. Her worth, can never be denied, should never be marginalized. Her existence, love’s divine expression of grace, her poetry in motion. Indifference, can never cast shade, on her shine. Don’t think, one day she will be somebody. Days long ago, everybody; wanted to be her. Her sweat, her tears; buttered the beard, sugared the tea. By design, her strength, wouldn’t capitulate. Her heart, able to endure the test of time. The depth of her love, like an endless river, cascading oceans deep. Within her beauty, her sight contemplated. The color of her love, painted with her vibrant texture. History, shades between black and white, but love, paints in profound colors. Can you see it, her as a vivid portrayal. In her heart, deep places, in her soul, an endearing creation. Her destiny, etched within the pages… of forevermore!


25 thoughts on “Mama Africa!

  1. And the Light shines on in the darkness, for the darkness has never overpowered it [put it out or absorbed it or appropriated it, and is unreceptive to it]. (Jn 1:5) Blessings to you, Brother Warren😁

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