In Loving Colors!

In the living, in being; how we thrive, not just survive. If, the heart was color blind, the mind would be open to see; love in a colored perspective. Love, could never be received, if the heart perceives, through a black and white lens. Love, paints the picture, the heart focuses the lens. Hearts are red, souls are blue; when I love you, doesn’t seem true. Black and white, through a tainted viewpoint, shades of gray. Every heart, needs to see, how they’re meant to be. The colors of love, what beautifies our humanity. The shape of our heart, irrelevant; to what needs to be seen. Love taking shape, the mind being shaped, by what the heart has become? Love, can never become a vibrant picture, the heart, neither a vivid portrayal, if painted black and white. A heart exposed, reveals. A mind closed, deceives. Love’s true beauty, has an intrinsic nature; living colors. Colorful birds, pretty little butterflies, colors in the wind. Love reaches, kindness preaches, history teaches. That a heart sees vividly, not in black and white, but in loving colors!


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