Treasured Love

Once upon a time, in a far far place, within space and time, my heart dug many holes. The treasured love I had, unbeknownst was being buried, a little at a time. Love is precious, but while digging into, what you believe to be true. Right or wrong, the love gets buried, beneath a facade. Love the voice, crying out from within; don’t hide me, on a deserted island. Years passed, and a treasured love on the surface, slipped between the sands of time. Realizing the importance, the extent of, the gravity in which; my heart set sail. Sailing, takes your heart away, where the tide is going. True love will boldly go, where mere love, is not willing. When love, captures the imagination, the heart is freed, the soul liberated. Deep love, fathoms a thousand seas, drowns within love ten thousand times. A heart knowing, there’s a profound treasure, a soul laying breathless, in the depth of love’s embrace. Love, gives the faith to believe, treasured will nevertheless become, hopes and dreams. Within the depth of the see, love takes you breathless, to the deepest place of love’s ocean. Moments to treasure, a soul knowing the true pleasure, how to breathe in love’s intrinsic nature. The heart sailing into every tomorrow, the soul finding again and again; your treasured love!


21 thoughts on “Treasured Love

    1. Welcome, to a music lovers heart, with a 4000 song music collection. Christopher Cross, indeed. You’re noticing, that most of my post, have parts of a music lyric embedded. As a only child, music, tv, puzzles, trivia, riddles, bible sword drills, were my thang! Blessings to you!

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