My Heart, Can’t Pretend!

How, can I ever pretend, when you know my heart, when you can see into my soul. Why pretend, the air is a little misty? When the tears cascade, my heart knows, it’s your love making the rain, fall from my eyes. In your arms, I don’t have feelings, I only know the meaning; what love is supposed to be. My heart and soul, can’t even pretend, this love has ever stopped being, an endless slow dance. “Girl, you are to me, All that a woman should be. And that is why, I dedicate my heart to you, always. How, deep into my soul, does your love want to go? There’s no limit, to the depth of my ocean. Against my sure, the water wells up, for my heart is sure; with you, my love can never pretend. I will never, pretend I can read your mind. It’s your heart, I want to know. For you, I will be a pretender. Never letting you see, my heart breaks, seeing all the things, your health is facing. My heart, can’t pull off pretending, your love doesn’t speak, profoundly to my soul. I have never pretended, to be anything but, a heart grateful to have lived, to know love’s intrinsic beauty. I’ve never once, claimed to possess perfect vision. My heart, can’t pretend it can see straight; if it wasn’t through the lens, my vision is love. There’s no pretense, there’s no pretending. My heart could never find the words, to express my love!


15 thoughts on “My Heart, Can’t Pretend!

  1. And we both know that our love will grow!!
    I gotcha now, Warren‼️
    AtlanticStarr’s ‘Always’…love it💕

    “Girl, you are to me, All that a woman should be. And I dedicate my life to you, always….”

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