This heart, moved by the rhythm. My soul, breathes within the depth. These eyes, have seen the nuance, in love’s intrinsic beauty. This pen, bleeds profusely, the love deeply inked, into the pages of my soul. My words, emboldened to tell the tale; this poetic love, etched forever on my heart. These arms, holds close to my heart, this; love’s divine splendor. These lips, whisper softly, so my heart can sing proudly, this song; my first love, you’re every breath I take. In the feeling, you’re not good enough, love comes to reason; this. In every season, breath seeps, time creeps, but love keeps. Every breath becoming, what love needs the heart to be. In the silence, love reveries, within the stillness, love breathes. In the arms of love, my soul resting. On the wings of this, my heart soars, within the bliss. Relying on this, what makes heart and soul, know the quintessential breadth, within love’s beautiful release!


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