Love is, An Ocean!

To this ocean, love has brought my heart, anchor my soul. Where peace, becomes the stillness, where every breath is held, in the depth of love’s embrace. Ocean’s deep, where love can find my soul, living in the deep. Two hearts, breathing in one breath, fathoming the deepest recesses of love. A deep river woman, her love moves between the breadth, of my silent river. What love becomes, what the depth is meant to be. A place, where endless love, swims the here and now. The soul, drifting the seven seas, the heart lost, drowned within forevermore. True love, not about the heart beating, but the soul living, resuscitated again and again. Profound love, becomes a breathless journey; oceans deep. Many rivers crossed, the blissful calm, keeping the love from being washed away, by waves of emotions. Hearts in twined, swims the deep, the soul, living within the gravity; love swept away, by the breadth. Love is an ocean, that rescues the heart and soul, drowning within the silence!


9 thoughts on “Love is, An Ocean!

  1. When He had stopped speaking, He said to Simon (Peter), Put out into the deep [water], and lower your nets for a haul. And Simon (Peter) answered, Master (Luke 5:4) so much we gain when we submit to Love and sail into it’s depths❣️

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  2. Wow Warren, this is breathtaking!!! Especially that final line, it truly touched the heart! Amazingly done as always, my friend. The love flowing in your pieces is such a gift here 🤍🤗

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