Love’s Habitual Presence!

Constant, like a breathless breeze, love hovers. Persistent, like a deep river, love lingers in deep places. Continual, like an endless scent, love has a quantifiable fragrance. Perpetual, like a perceptible motion, love moves to become, a beautiful display. Recurrent, like a perceptive dream, love finds new meaning, in the quiet moments. Repeated, like the appearance of the dawn, love feels warmest, knowing it will be there, again and again. Frequent, like breaths, taking a thousand of, like stars, seeing millions of. Love is a quintessential existence, sustained by being, consequential. Relentless, like a galloping spirit, love runs towards you, regardless of what lies ahead. Unrelenting, like a timeless bloom, love is like a flower, showing the best of. Never-ending, like an immeasurable essence, love takes you to that familiar place. Where the heart tries to fathom, the height, the length, the breadth of. What’s found within the midst of, love’s habitual presence!


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