On My Heart!

Breathing, breathing is easier, because your love is near. Living, living is in the moments, your love leans in. Maybe, maybe no one can see my heart beating, but that’s because, because they just don’t understand, I’m still waiting, waiting to exhale. Quietly, quietly your love takes every breath, and profoundly my soul is lost, lost for words. Blind, blindness could never stop my soul from knowing. Love, not just about feeling(s), but letting love get close enough to your heart, to touch your soul. Always, always knows forever, is not the same thing. Promises, promises say you will always, but true love, will forever be. Time, time teaches you that it’s the little things, that needs to be said, and done. To keep sweetest love, from becoming bitter, marginalized. Give, give me moments, give me words, love give me opportunities. So, my soul can truly express, your love is satisfying. In, in love, keeps you in the presence of, now, and forever. Against, against all odds, your love stays, resting. How, how can I let it get away; let the love leave, without a trace? When, when I know I can’t take a breath, without you. Breathing, breathing is so much easier, because your love is always, on my heart!


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