My heart, needs to know, do I let you down, sometimes? Does my soul, make you smile, do my words meet your approval, sometimes? I make so many mistakes, trying to prove, you give me worth. My heart has many issues, and oh, how I wish they would melt, fade away like snowflakes, sometimes. Tell me this, can I be myself, for you? Can I express who I am, on the inside? Can I leave my heart exposed, and not worry about it being ravaged, by an indifferent worldview? Saying something, giving everything; not afraid my words, and heart would wrestle, to see which would triumph? Would it make you proud, if my heart was the victor, sometimes? If my soul was always willing, to let my heart be vulnerable, all the time? Without a residue of doubt, leaving a tasteless display. Would that say my love is real, sometimes? Let my heart know, if my words are selfish, motivated by my own self interest. Thinking, it’s all about me, not what you’ve made my heart become? To you, I don’t have to prove anything. You take me as I am, made me better than I was. You have made me, into what others see, today. So, why do I feel, I’m still letting you down, sometimes. When, you’ve accepted I’m just a man, still trying to be. Why do I care, what you think? Do I dare, how would my soul fare, if you, were to ever let go of my heart? Truth, knowing something in how you love, is still missing, but still choosing to be, love anyways; and not just, sometimes. Love, oh Love, to you I don’t have to prove anything; actions speak for itself. When love is the story, words won’t get the credit. Would it make you proud, if I relinquished the key, and give everyone, a gate pass to my heart? Sometimes, my words don’t match my heart’s posture. You’ve given me a higher calling, that bares my soul. Love, help my words be true, to me. Then my heart will truly be, a reflection of Love, Always!


2 thoughts on “Sometimes!

  1. This line captured my heart: “Sometimes, my words don’t match my heart’s posture.” I hope you won’t mind if I carry this line within as an internal flashcard reminder (I need many!) that loved ones process in their own individual ways. Though our words and actions may differ and may not always be easily recognized or understood due to these differences, remembering they are all born from love allows me to appreciate the beauty in their gestures. Thank you for shining a light. #neurodiverserelationships #love

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