Love Actually!

Purposeful, profound love acts with intentionality. Literally, actions and speech together, tethered becomes love’s undeniable truth. Love doesn’t act, to gain attention, love reacts, to give actual affection. Love does expectedly, what should be done intentionally. The truth revealed, wholeheartedly. Love with an affect, should never have an effect, on the perception. Real love, won’t leave the heart guessing; believe it or not. As love happens, it should happen to be, love actually. Love shouldn’t seem strange, or not what it seems, it should seem genuine. Contradictory love, not love actually. Love in its assertion, the truth never contrary, in what’s to be expected. Love isn’t, actually, if truth in it isn’t, actual. In reality, love is a matter of fact, when received, it’s a matter of the heart. In actuality, love isn’t anything, unless it’s everything; in-deed, in its truth be told. Love actually, is heartfelt, the truthfulness emphasized, never feeling implied!


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