Trust Fund!

Consistently, how a trust fund is built. Diversified, how cohesive trust becomes a versatile asset. Investing, how time yields the most valuable bond. Uniformity, how love becomes a harmonious commodity. Love’s specificity, how true meaning builds up trust, in a mutual understanding. Accuracy, in heartfelt expressions, how verbal cues and the unspoken. Allow the fundamentals, to not be replaced, with subjectives. Evenness of heart, stability within the love, makes unity in part, instilled confidence in trust. Words, are held in perpetuation, until the heart has demonstrated, love in its redeeming deduction. Trust is the equilibrium, that lets love become the asset. Trust, endowed with a balanced sense of belonging, the love steadily built upon. The level of achievement, the maturity of the love. Time invested, doesn’t always need to be performance driven. But the trust, should never be neglected, or the love lacking trustworthiness. Trust, not meant to be withdrawn, meant to be love inherent. Love, established as a reliable trustee? Heart and soul become, the enriched benefactor. Build it up, the trust; let the love grow indefinitely. A diversified portfolio, with profound love, trust, and understanding; an undeniably built up, trust fund!


10 thoughts on “Trust Fund!

  1. I love this! You have a wonderful gift with words. I pray that all is well with you and family. I have been busy and difficult to keep up with blogging. Have great weekend. Blessings 🙌

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