Alone, with My Heart!

Safe and sound, forever will be. In the stillness, within love’s serenity, breadth is known. In my quiet place, within the depth of my soul, time and space. In my escape, in my secret place, the rendezvous. Where my love breathes, my heart concedes, breathless will be. Here, I’m alone, but will never be. I’m in the presence of, my soul captured by the nuance, in love’s quintessence. The power of love, it holds you, demands of you; never waste the days. Let joy fill, the words spill, the love overflow. Love’s mosaic, pieces of the wonder. How love preserves, how time fades. My spirit, rest in love’s constant. The desire, my quantifiable continuum. Your love is suspended, hovering within the wind. You are my breath, the air within my lungs. Misty, not having you here, close to my heart. Moist, my eyes would profoundly become. The essence of your love, lingers within my soul. Why, be alone with my thoughts, when your love is near. Here, touching every part of my soul, you are my heart!


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