No More Tears!

As a newborn, head to toe, bathed her with gentle love. As a toddler, lavished her with endearing warmth. Like oil, poured out on her love’s essence, swaddled her within our affection. Our baby’s tears, distinct with her every appeal, needing our love and devotion. So, we gave her our time, nourished her soul with our tenderness. And when, she was old enough to be, she didn’t want to be my little princess, forever daddy’s little girl. So I cried, for her my heart needed to provide; an endearing home, with room, to call her own. As a teen, the wonder years, we did our best, to make her not wonder. Baby girl, when the tears fall, and they will; just know, you are loved. We showered her, with our affirmation. We were there, through her struggles, in the ups and downs. Our love held her, through the growing pains. We washed her sorrows, watched her bloom, through it all. Our young lady, stepped out on her own, to find her purpose, her quintessence. It surely becomes a rainy day, when love moves you, to tears. In the hopes, knowing love’s true meaning, a boy broke her heart, tears she cried. She was looking, for a love like ours. The love she grew up watching, modeled in her beloved home. All we could do, dry your tears, with the breadth of our love, and soothe her fears, with our unconditional love. But, the hurt remained, until she closed her eyes, at rest in peace. Thirty years, and our baby girl, has no more tears. So, every now and then, for her our hearts, will shed her tears!


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