Her Instrumental Love!

Her love, strums my soul, deeply, tugs on my heartstrings, effortlessly. Her symphonic rhythm, moves me, profoundly, takes my breath, spectacularly. Her melody, sways me, her lyrical tone, tells me, the way to her soul. Her angelic sound, heavenly, her melodic vibe, takes my breath. Her instrumental love, plays a significant part in my life. Her influential presence, contributors to my well being, deep and profound. Her love, doesn’t perform, it’s a conducive collaboration, with my heart and soul. Her heart and soul, an instrumental light show, reflecting the colors of her love. Her beautiful expression, music sweetly holding me, with her simplicity. Her love is in tune, with my acoustic hue. A heart, lost within the sweet sound of love, will always find itself, breathless. Her love, makes my heart speechless. Her words are not needed, for my soul to be swayed, by her Instrumental Love!


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