Life, is But a Breath!

Every day, the clouds roll, the bell tolls, time unfolds. An enriched life, embraces the flaws, cherishes the moment, holds dear the present, clings to our humanity. When, our heart paints a vivid picture, our lifestyle becomes. An endearing portrait, a profound portrayal of love. We, are imperfect beings, but, true love transcends. Truth is seen, compassion revealed, not through words, but through love’s untainted lens. Life, live it well. Love is built, on a firm foundation. Love has affection for, thinks the world of. Reverences one another, cares for each other, appreciate differences. Mankind, stop the fussing, stop the fighting; let freedom reign. In moments of silence, you will hear, we all have the same heartbeat. When it becomes, one love, one heart. Don’t, just give someone a hand, give them love, and they will see your heart. Authentic love reveals, truth has the power, to shelve weaponized words. Let your actions speak, your love be, a way of life. Through the good, and the bad, stand by your word. Life goes by, in the blink of an eye. Don’t waste it, don’t marginalize it, don’t take it for granted, let it have purpose. Why, snuff out someone’s hopes, when you can bless their heart, with acts of kindness? Why, plunder someone else’s dreams, when it’s within you, to celebrate their worth? Let your life, be more than a memory, but a beautiful impression, left on every heart. Deep love, flows like a river, deepens, when our humanity realizes. Life, is but a breath!


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