So Beautiful!

A mother, deep within her being; love is. So beautiful, your heart, lovelier than springtime, dearer than a touching love song, captivating as a shooting star. More refreshing, than the morning dew, sweeter than the honeydew, precious as the rising sun. Your presence, radiates like the sunlight, inviting as the daylight. An illuminating nightlight, hovering in the shadows. The gaze, beauty with no haze, love for days. When a heart needs to know, comforting is every heartbeat. Beauty, in the heart of, love in the arms of. Though, at times you need to be held, everyone else, held beautifully within your care. Don’t marginalize her love, celebrate your worth. In the hustle, through the bustle, her love remains picture perfect. A work of art, capturing her essence, a beautiful portrait of love. Where, where would the world be, without a love like this? At love that says clearly, put your heart in mine, and together let it become, love’s rhapsody. Your love is a destiny, beyond a fantasy; her beautiful reality. Your love is infectious, your heart so endearing. Your soul, smiles within your sleep. Your heart, laughs out loud, in daydreams. Toiling done gracefully, twirling passionately, displaying what needs to be seen, your inner beauty. A mother’s love, so delightful, the most fragrant May flower, a crimson rose. Beautiful, so beautiful. How, how can a heart not find words, to express what you are, love personified!

This post, is dedicated to All the wonderful mothers! May the day be bright, your heart be a delight. Your love is a light, every day, and night! Special thanks, to my wife, who collaborated with me, on this Mother’s Day card design! Happy Mother’s Day’s, save a copy!


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