I Will Be!

The strands in your heart, keeps my soul tethered, to your endearing love. The colorful moments in love, paints our hearts in a graceful light, revealing the beautiful nuances of love. Profound love is a display, the portrait hanging on our heart. The deepest meaning, love’s heartfelt ambiance, captured in the mosaic beauty. From the moment, love made itself known, whispers penetrated my soul. Love persuading my soul, don’t be better, when love grows older, but be everything; love makes the heart able. Love, takes the soul to a better place, if the heart willing. Love is living proof, actions speak, when words are hard to find. Even when, voices in the wind, tried to tell my heart, we didn’t belong together. But, they couldn’t have known, my soul, knew chasing after the wind, was meaningless. Empty words, could never sway a heart, destined to be one, with forever. I don’t, desire to dress up my heart. I rather bare my soul, let everyone see, what love is. Love faces heartache, will test time, but not meant to counter; just encounter love’s breathtaking nature. Faith propels belief, compels hope; guide dreams. My soul, doesn’t need a special day, my heart a hallmark moment, for my love to be the enduring expression. Daily, her love elevates me, to celebrate my boo, share my heart too, give my love true. If love, doesn’t soar to new heights, want to fathom depth, how can the heart, know the breadth? Love asked of me, to let this be my confidence. If my soul is sincere, my heart always there, love will be dear, till the end of time. A heart tangled up, a soul held breathless, in strands of love. A loving shoulder, a strong presence, a gentle spirit; faithful love. Whatever her heart and soul needs, I’ll be!

Sunday May 28th, will be our 35th wedding anniversary. With my wife being in the hospital, and though I will be there. This will be the first time, we won’t be able to celebrate it, on our terms. But I am grateful, that we are still able to celebrate it together!


7 thoughts on “I Will Be!

  1. First sorry to know your wife is hospitalized. I pray for her a speedy recovery.

    35 years?!?! That is totally awesome. Congrats 🎉🍾🎊 Warren!!! Y’all keep doing what you doing, it’s clearly working 😊

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