Love’s, Humorous Expressions!

My love, knows how to crack a joke, but, don’t get it twisted; I’m not here, to clown around. I’ve got a tale to tell, a love story to spell, that makes the heart swell. From the mountain top, my soul will yell; I’ve got a love, I can’t sell. To get yours, ring the bell. A profound love worth knowing, is a love worth fighting for. From time to time, my heart will give you a nice chuckle, to any love less than, don’t let your needs buckle. To make, the heart laugh out loud, love doesn’t have to be fancy. I’ve never made the mistake, calling my wife Nancy; Drew the line there. Expressions can be funny, but can your candid love, profoundly stir your honey? My heart, likes a good mystery. So, tell me this Sherlock, is your love sheer luck, or is the love within your heart, a riddled mystery, that needs to be solved? But, enough joking for a minute, here’s a serious question; is it duck season, or rabbit season? Shoot, I don’t consider myself funny man, but this I know. Humorous expressions, have a beautiful way, to engage hearts and minds, with a loving posture. Yeah, at times I can be silly, and I’m not even from Philly. I can’t claim, to be a Superman, or a Casanova. I don’t call my wife, honey, or babe. When she became, my biggest fan. The music in my soul, was my new edition, she’s my candy girl; her love, my sweet thang. She, doesn’t even need to blush, it’s my heart feels the rush; when her love smiles at me. So, riddle me this; if every time, her love surges through my heart, would that mean, her love is electric? I’m not a jokester, I’m a serious kat, you better believe that, I even wear the hat; rat-a-tat-tat. Like I said, I’m not here, to beat my own drum. I want, to make hearts smile, with love’s sincere affirmation. This is not, just a play with words. Romeo, oh Romeo; wherefore art thy love? Deny the world, but never deny the father, thy heart. Laughter is therapy, love an endearing muse, to enlighten the soul. When, the curtain closes, ask yourself this question; does your heart resonate, do you allow love to take center stage? Displaying the beauty, within love’s, humorous expressions, that never gets old!


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