A Healthy Appetite!

Oh hearts, what are you tasting, hearts what are you taking in? Don’t let it be about what’s eating you; let a healthy appetite permeate within. A potato can be made into a hash, but chew on this hashtag; #LoveDeeply. Let your heart be a sweet potato, love will be the gravy. Don’t ever water down the love, let your heart soak it up; let the love nourish your soul, from a healthy appetite!

Feed your soul, let love flourish within; hunger for the constant touch. Crave it daily, until the aroma of love forever lingers. Let your heart be needy, there’s absolutely nothing wrong in that; feast on a healthy appetite of love. Fill up your soul until your heart becomes bigger and better, stronger and stronger; make love your everlasting portion. Let love become the butter for your bread, the sugar in your tea!

Let love give you an unquenchable appetite, with a heart that’s longing, a heart that is truly yearning. So thirst for love, let it be a true lasting desire. Love is a passion, let it give you a healthy appetite… for more. Oh, I’ve tasted; my heart has tasted, the sweetness of love. My heart is full, but will forever feast; on a healthy appetite of love. One heart can affect change, but two hearts beating as one; can revolutionize the world. But first, you truly need to have the desire; for a healthy appetite, of love!


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