Rest Within My Love!

Rest your heart within my love, don’t worry if I seem lost for words; your love leaves me speechless, but my heart has so much to say.

Rest your love within my arms, whenever you need to feel my embrace. Come into my arms, let your heart melt within the warmth of my embrace.

Rest your head on my shoulder, whenever you’re tired, or just have a weary heart. Let my love be head and shoulders above; all that your heart will ever need, or want.

Rest your face upon my chest, let it forever soothe your soul. Let my beating heart be your comfort zone, it will forever say; I love you.

Rest your feet within my lap, whenever you just can’t take another step. Let me rub your feet, let my love ease your mind, and kiss away the pain. For I’m the one; that has your love; running throughout my heart endlessly.

Rest within my love, there you’ll see that you mean the world to me. Let my heart be the place, where your love can undeniably call; home sweet home. Rest; within my love!


19 thoughts on “Rest Within My Love!

      1. Sorry for the late response, I found this comment in my spam!

        I was asked by someone their already, I’m considering it. I have check your website; I may take you up on that at a later date.


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