B4 You, I used to keep my thoughts hidden, shared them with only my heart. A keeper of secrets, my own; dear diary, but that was B4 You. So, would I have been considered crazy. If I told everyone, that my heart could hear a love, taste a love, felt like I could touch this love; even though my heart didn’t even know love?” Crazy isn’t it, maybe they would have thought; that I was a little bit touched? I really thought I knew love, but yet, the only love that truly felt real, was my own; B4 You!

Sure, there was a day, when I believed; that I could make it on my own, but that was B4 You. Your love took me by the heart, and has never let go. Your love touched my heart, but took hold of my soul. Now my heart is in a better place, because of Your love; I never want to put another love; B4 You!

B4 You my heart just sat alone within the darkness. Seeking hope, but still just learning to stumble; through the darkness. But then Your love smiled, oh Your love truly shined. Now with Your love moves within my heart; the dark within the night, become the light that governs my day. Your love shows Your heart, but the real question is this. Have I learned how to touch Your heart, or do I still think; Your love is out of reach? I didn’t even know love; B4 You!

B4 You my heart felt broken, how does Your love even have the strength; to keep my heart from falling… apart? 2B4 Your heart, is 2B4 living for Your love; day after day. Every day I experience an outpouring of Your love, but I still need to go even deeper; into Your heart. All things are now possible, but not; B4 You!


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