Spreading The Word; Socially!

Everyday I try my best, to have Face time with the Book; but time after time, I end up putting the cart before the horse. Daily my heart needs to get vertical, to send a clear message; an Instagram, to Him who is able. The steps of a good man are ordered; to him who delights, in His ways. So therefore why do I feel that it’s even about; MySpace, when I said that He has, My Heart? What I truly need to do, is to just be still, and know that He is… everything.

There’s a Twitter hear within my heart; small, still, but speaks life into my soul. Only if my heart is truly ready, only if my heart is forever willing, to be used; Here I Am… use me. Heart, don’t be discouraged by what you see, find comfort; in God’s word. Search through the scriptures. The Spirit doesn’t need Google + nothing, minus nothing. To know what a heart wants, or what the heart needs. Study to show yourself approved; a workman, who needs not be ashamed. Meditate day and night, and never depart from the truth. Download the word into your heart, the Text is your weapon; let it guard your heart and mind.

Become a Blogger; check. Get LinkedIn; then tell the world of His goodness. God is love, and Love; that’s God… also. Don’t get sucked into YouTube; not everything you see and hear, is everything you need to hear and see. Things you find Online, may tickle your fancy; be careful. The images can make you LOL, but when you see something you can’t unsee; the struggle to heal a broken heart, that becomes your reality.

My beloved, when you were a babe… Christian, you felt so Antisocial. But my child, it was in those very moments, when the Text I sent, gave you comfort; because you dwelt in MySpace. Your Face was always in my Book, you would Google throughout; because you wanted to learn all about my heart. You are my beloved, the one I knew before time began. I placed you here for my purpose, I put you here; for a time such as this.

My beloved, go ahead; get LinkedIn, with Facebook or YouTube. Post your blog, send an Instagram message; when that all fails to get you connected. Text, G.O.D; my love will be waiting to bless you. My presence forever hovers, my love always delivers; get connected, with My heart. Seek Me while I may be found, but know this; you will always find me, in your heart!


10 thoughts on “Spreading The Word; Socially!

  1. “Bravo!” Bravo!
    So many of us fill our void with so many things. Seeking comfort and validation from things and other that last only a moment. His love; his grace; his mercy, is always. 👏

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