Life; The Journey!

Our lives are but for a moment, the journey begins with just a breath; breathe deeply. We enter the world, depending on others to help guide us. We don’t worry about tomorrow, we’re still trying to trust in our today. We’re trying not to fall, until we’ve learned how to steady our hearts; for the journey before us. It’s one day at a time, with one foot in front of the other; baby steps, it all begins with one. We start to grow in stature, not loosing sight; that you still need to have the strength, of character. To help navigate the journey; life.

The journey will take us from place to place, as we learn how to thrive moment by moment. Cherishing, relishing; the precious moment we get. The journey will excite your soul, let it take your heart higher and higher. The height of the journey; will be the journey into the depth of the soul. The journey is sure to challenge your heart. You the strength within; slay your Goliath. Don’t let that obstacle stand in your way, stay focused on the journey; the long and winding road. Be bold, courageous; then go overcome.

Stretch your faith, as far as the east is from the west; the potentials are truly endless. Do you have the faith, it begins with believing. Your life is a story; when one page closes, another chapter begins. Fill your heart with love, add to it your passion; but don’t forget the joy. Seek peace, but pursue virtue. Never give up, don’t ever lose hope. Stay the course, don’t stop until you’ve finished the journey. Someone might be following the light, the light shining through your life; the journey!


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