Beautiful Love!

What a beautiful love. What could I ever do, what can I even do; to repay such a beautiful love? My heart would slow waltz with this beautiful love forever. Sing to this love, the greatest of love songs; the greatest love of all. Oh, but as great as those jesters are; they would still pale in comparison, and that just won’t do. To simply display my forever love, and show my undying affection; my heart is that crazy, about this beautiful love!

I could write the most amazing poem, writing about the deep love within, but that would still never do. My heart would simply be lost for words; just trying to describe this beautiful love. So how can I ever thank you, for letting my heart see into Your beauty? Every single time I gaze upon Your love, the beauty of your love takes my breath away. Leaving my heart with nothing else, but utter amazement; this truly is a beautiful love!

This love is flooding my soul, but flows throughout my heart. This is such a beautiful exchange, my heart is in love; with this beautiful love. My heart wants to climb up the highest mountain, shout from within the depth of my soul; that my heart truly knows a beautiful love. For it Echos within, echo resoundingly throughout; but it echoes forever, beautifully within my soul.

This kind of talk might seem like jibber jabber, but it doesn’t even matter; if no one can understand. It’s my heart that’s getting excited, my soul just can’t hide it anymore. My heart is overwhelmed, by the presence of this beautiful love. Just writing this, gives my heart butterflies; this is such a beautiful moment. I could stay within it forever, to gaze endlessly admiring the beauty. Beautiful love, the beauty of Your love will forever be mine; my heart is already beautifully Yours!


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