Your love is too wonderful, far more wonderful than my heart will ever deserve. Sometimes I feel like I might lose control of my heart; and watch it collide with such force straight into Your love. I don’t believe that this would be no accident; Your love has always been so intensional. So therefore help my heart to stand; whenever the impact of that thought overwhelms my soul!

My heart collided with Your love so many years ago; breathless. My heart now understands the true impact, the gravity; Your love became my heart. My heart is captivated by Your presence, so please don’t ever close off Your heart to my advances; let my love collide with Your heart over and over. The moment Your love and my heart came face to face; a joy, unspeakable. Sometimes I’m unable to speak, my heart is too busy trying to stop the tears!

Your love still collides with my heart; to remove the hardened pieces. Reminding me that I don’t need to hang on to them, I just need to hold on to the strength of Your love. Toss and turn my silent river, until my heart has no more strength to resist; my strength is forever found within Your love. My heart is caught up, completely tangled up within a vortex; Your love. My emotions get stirred, my heart is being shifted. As long as my heart has breath, my heart will truly know that it can breathe; but only for Your love, quietly breathing from within!


6 thoughts on “Collide!

  1. Heart felt!
    You are a voice ; not just a echo.
    So many say the same thing getting no where. Your love is felt in the depth of your works.

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