Paid In Full!

You tried to cheat me, but Jesus paid it all.

You tried to steal what was not yours, but Jesus repaid it all.

You tried to keep what was rightfully mine, but Jesus still paid for it all.

You tried to rob me of my peace of mind, but Jesus paid the ultimate price.

I now have my own peace, His love; but how could my heart ever repay? My heart is eternally indebted; the blessings, they overflow. Love those who hate you, pray for those who mistreats you. Love unequivocally, love unconditionally; just love.

People cheat, steal, or even keep what’s rightfully yours. Leave them with it all, they must have needed more than you. Your account will be credited to you, as righteousness. Every single one of your debts were paid in full; the moment Jesus paid it all… for you. He wanted our hearts to be free. Free to receive, free to love, free to give; it all. Your true wealth will forever be His amazing grace. My prayer is that your hearts will truly feel PAID for; but forever be FULL!


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