On the other side of the glass you see some baggage; your heart is going on a journey!

On the other side of the glass you see a list of mistakes; it’s a list of what not to do!

On the other side of the glass you see someone struggling to stand; strength is found within the courage!

On the other side of the glass you see someone, picking up pieces of a broken heart: broken, not shattered.

Look closer, you will notice that the glass is reflective, showing the things we so desperately try to hide; reflections within a heart. No matter how hard we try, we will never be perfect. We have flaws, just don’t focus on them; it’s just part of the journey. He who is without sin, cast the first stone; my heart too is not blameless. We all have a heart of glass, let it be the proverbial window into the soul. I will let you see into mine first; then perhaps you will feel at ease, to introduce your heart to me; hello.

Mirror, mirror; show them what I can already see, that we all have the courage within to face our own imperfections. We will all experience brokenness, but Joy comes; breathe… it’s morning. Show me the reflections, tell me about the brokenness. You are more than what others see on the outside. I see through the lens of the heart; what’s good, and what’s true. Friend, welcome to my heart, the window is open. May it truly reflect the light that shines within, you have my attention; hello!

  • Don’t miss the message within the picture!
  • Let me see into your heart!


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