Your love is too wonderful, far more wonderful than my heart will ever deserve. Sometimes I feel like I might lose control of my heart; and watch it collide with such force straight into Your love. I don’t believe that this would be no accident; Your love has always been so intensional. So therefore help my heart to stand; whenever the impact of that thought overwhelms my soul!

My heart collided with Your love so many years ago; breathless. My heart now understands the true impact, the gravity; Your love became my heart. My heart is captivated by Your presence, so please don’t ever close off Your heart to my advances; let my love collide with Your heart over and over. The moment Your love and my heart came face to face; a joy, unspeakable. Sometimes I’m unable to speak, my heart is too busy trying to stop the tears!

Your love still collides with my heart; to remove the hardened pieces. Reminding me that I don’t need to hang on to them, I just need to hold on to the strength of Your love. Toss and turn my silent river, until my heart has no more strength to resist; my strength is forever found within Your love. My heart is caught up, completely tangled up within a vortex; Your love. My emotions get stirred, my heart is being shifted. As long as my heart has breath, my heart will truly know that it can breathe; but only for Your love, quietly breathing from within!


Beautiful Love!

What a beautiful love. What could I ever do, what can I even do; to repay such a beautiful love? My heart would slow waltz with this beautiful love forever. Sing to this love, the greatest of love songs; the greatest love of all. Oh, but as great as those jesters are; they would still pale in comparison, and that just won’t do. To simply display my forever love, and show my undying affection; my heart is that crazy, about this beautiful love!

I could write the most amazing poem, writing about the deep love within, but that would still never do. My heart would simply be lost for words; just trying to describe this beautiful love. So how can I ever thank you, for letting my heart see into Your beauty? Every single time I gaze upon Your love, the beauty of your love takes my breath away. Leaving my heart with nothing else, but utter amazement; this truly is a beautiful love!

This love is flooding my soul, but flows throughout my heart. This is such a beautiful exchange, my heart is in love; with this beautiful love. My heart wants to climb up the highest mountain, shout from within the depth of my soul; that my heart truly knows a beautiful love. For it Echos within, echo resoundingly throughout; but it echoes forever, beautifully within my soul.

This kind of talk might seem like jibber jabber, but it doesn’t even matter; if no one can understand. It’s my heart that’s getting excited, my soul just can’t hide it anymore. My heart is overwhelmed, by the presence of this beautiful love. Just writing this, gives my heart butterflies; this is such a beautiful moment. I could stay within it forever, to gaze endlessly admiring the beauty. Beautiful love, the beauty of Your love will forever be mine; my heart is already beautifully Yours!


Paid In Full!

You tried to cheat me, but Jesus paid it all.

You tried to steal what was not yours, but Jesus repaid it all.

You tried to keep what was rightfully mine, but Jesus still paid for it all.

You tried to rob me of my peace of mind, but Jesus paid the ultimate price.

I now have my own peace, His love; but how could my heart ever repay? My heart is eternally indebted; the blessings, they overflow. Love those who hate you, pray for those who mistreats you. Love unequivocally, love unconditionally; just love.

People cheat, steal, or even keep what’s rightfully yours. Leave them with it all, they must have needed more than you. Your account will be credited to you, as righteousness. Every single one of your debts were paid in full; the moment Jesus paid it all… for you. He wanted our hearts to be free. Free to receive, free to love, free to give; it all. Your true wealth will forever be His amazing grace. My prayer is that your hearts will truly feel PAID for; but forever be FULL!



I would like thank to Pink Peeli for nominating my blog; iWrite… my love story for the Sunshine Blogger Award. This was really unexpected, but appreciated nevertheless!


1. What is the feeling you get when you blog?

• Love and joy; the joy that my words can impact a heart, and that the reader can experience my love story.

2. What makes you want to write?

• I want to write to let others read about my experience with love; words do matter, when it comes to matters of the heart.

3. Do you love to read or write more?

• Both, ten years ago I would have said neither, but it’s not all about me. I love to write, but I have to read; to hear the words within other hearts.

4. What is the most crazy thing you have done?

• Sharing my heart; my precious, but now that I freely give.

5. Which was the one happiest moment you cherish?

• My wedding day (1988)

6. What would you like to do in your free time?

• I don’t get a lot, but it’s spending time with my heart; my wife.

7. Which is the best place you have visited till now?

• Hawaii 1998; our 10 year wedding anniversary.

8. Which is your favorite fictional character?

• Star Trek (Spock – live long, and prosper)

9. What would you prefer; A walk in the woods, or time spend on social media?

• A walk, even though I’m blogging now; six months ago, you could count on one hand the amount of time I visited a social media site. I’m here for the people, who need to hear a word of encouragement.

10. If you open my blog and read, which one post you will like?

• ❤️Within❤️

11. Have you ever faced any mystery in life? What is it?

• No mystery.

🥁 My Nominees are:

  • Tracy Muso
  • Antsafanou
  • Aishwarya Shah
  • The Godly Chic Diaries
  • Winnie, Musing
  • Shantanu Baruah
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🤔 The Questions posed to the nominees are:

1. What is the feeling you get when you blog?

2. What makes you want to write?

3. Do you rather read blogs, or write blogs?

4. What is the most exciting thing that you have done?

5. Which was the happiest moment you cherish?

6. What would you like to do in your free time?

7. Which is the best place you have visited?

8. Which is your favorite fictional character?

9. What would you prefer; blogging, or time spent with a love one.

10. Which post is your favourite and why?

🥇Award Rules:

1. Display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in a post on your blog.

2. Thank the blogger who nominated you, put a link back to their blog.

3. Answer the 10 Questions about.

4. Nominate 5 to 10 bloggers who you feel deserve this award.

5. Let the nominees know that you’ve nominated them, and provide them with questions to answer.

It’s my honour to nominate these bloggers for this award, I truly hope that my invite will be a blessing to your hearts.


Life; The Journey!

Our lives are but for a moment, the journey begins with just a breath; breathe deeply. We enter the world, depending on others to help guide us. We don’t worry about tomorrow, we’re still trying to trust in our today. We’re trying not to fall, until we’ve learned how to steady our hearts; for the journey before us. It’s one day at a time, with one foot in front of the other; baby steps, it all begins with one. We start to grow in stature, not loosing sight; that you still need to have the strength, of character. To help navigate the journey; life.

The journey will take us from place to place, as we learn how to thrive moment by moment. Cherishing, relishing; the precious moment we get. The journey will excite your soul, let it take your heart higher and higher. The height of the journey; will be the journey into the depth of the soul. The journey is sure to challenge your heart. You the strength within; slay your Goliath. Don’t let that obstacle stand in your way, stay focused on the journey; the long and winding road. Be bold, courageous; then go overcome.

Stretch your faith, as far as the east is from the west; the potentials are truly endless. Do you have the faith, it begins with believing. Your life is a story; when one page closes, another chapter begins. Fill your heart with love, add to it your passion; but don’t forget the joy. Seek peace, but pursue virtue. Never give up, don’t ever lose hope. Stay the course, don’t stop until you’ve finished the journey. Someone might be following the light, the light shining through your life; the journey!



Within the silence, that was my favorite hiding place. Within the valley of the shadows I walked, but I didn’t fear the shadows; they were silent friends, reflections of love. But relentless was a love, a reckless kind of love; that kept chasing after my heart. This love was so reckless when it moved… my heart, that even the shadows moved; away from my heart. There was no shadow of a doubt, to the recklessness of this love.

It was just whispers of love, so small; the stillness was my heart. Before my heart could even speak a word, this love whispered into my heart; I Love You… melt heart. Who spoke to my heart, my soul cried out? But before I could even take a breath, before I could learn how to breathe in this love. My soul was so overwhelmed, when the breath of this love moved throughout my heart; right within the midst of the shadows. The tears ran, but this love wouldn’t relent. This love fought to be my heart; the struggle was real, but never for my soul.

This love was so so reckless, this love wanted my heart. No mountains stood in the way, this love recklessly kicked down the walls; my heart became exposed. This love chased away the shadows; while overwhelming my heart, and has since loved me with a never-ending love. This is the reckless love of God, chasing after my heart. Oh God, stop… chasing!

Your love is overwhelming, my love will be never-ending. Your love makes my heart want to become reckless, and relentlessly chase after Your heart. No mountain will stand in the way, my love will recklessly kick down the walls; just so my heart can be forever exposed. God Your love has been so so kind, my heart is so overwhelmed. I never could have imagined, that my heart would ever become this way; Reckless!


Limitations; but not with Love!

The world puts a statute of limitation, when someone commits a crime. But no one can ever put limitations, on what I would do for Your love. A crime of passion, that’s what my heart committed. The day I took Your love, and locked it within my soul. But years later, my heart has realized, that it’s time to confess; that this love is truly special. This love is making my heart do the unthinkable; expose the passion locked deep within.

Sure, this might seem a bit perplexing to the untrained heart, but the time has truly come. To tell the world, that there’s no statute of limitation, for the passion locked within a heart. Oh, don’t get this twisted, don’t ever say Despicable Me. You too would do the same thing, if the desires within; was kept under lock and key. The time has come, to step out of the shadows, and into the court of public opinion. I’m ready to let them judge my heart, my heart has already been exposed. My confession are all being noted, through the words within this love story.

I will just throw my heart on the mercy of love, and let this love have its way within my soul. Throw the book of love at my heart, it will be read cover to cover. Lock up my heart within this love, throw away the key; my heart is already free, bound up within this love. There’s no statute of limitation on a crime of passion; love the stolen moments. My heart will forever relish the moment; when my heart was locked away, forever within this love.

Many have stolen hearts in the name of love, but how much of them; are willing to stand true for what they believe in? I’m not a special case, my heart is just willing to do life; love was meant to be a lifetime commitment. The question is this; how about you, are you willing to commit to love? The true crime would be to love, but forever keep the passion locked up forever… inside!